Hello, and welcome to Random Writings!!!  I am the author, Random Writer!!

Now, you are probably asking yourself, what is Random Writings?

Well, allow me to tell you.

This blog site is anything but ordinary.

Every Saturday, new and original context will be posted on this blog.

There are many different series on this blog.  The bolded text are current series’ and the unbolded text are series’ from the past.

  • Fiction based on Non Fiction;  The Adventures of Marty “The Smarty” Winder
  • Funny but True; amusing observations that are actually true.  
  • Short Yet Impact; a single word topic designed to make you think.
  • Random Blog Posts
  • Brad, a Short Story; fictional diary entries detailing the relationship between a woman and an alien.

You can access any of these series, and more, by clicking on the drop-down menu on the right of the screen. It says “ Series’ ” at the top.

This blog is part of the Signature Voice Production Family.  The personal brand of a young and talented announcer and journalist.

You can find Random Writings under the blog tab on the Signature Voice Production Website.

     Link to Signature Voice Production homepage: signaturevoiceprod.wix.com/bodyofwork

     Link to blog tab on Signature Voice Production: signaturevoiceprod.wix.com/bodyofwork/blog

     Please do not hesitate to follow Random Writings for free via E-mail here!

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