Arrow – Reasons To Watch

The target audience of Arrow is anyone ( male or female ) who is interested in the character Green Arrow, DC Comics and Comics in general. Along with anyone who likes an action-packed thrill with a well-developed story. These are the people that will be most intrigued by the product and mostly likely to watch. … More Arrow – Reasons To Watch



It is something that comes with age.

Some gain more at a younger age than others.

However, everyone needs it. … More Maturity

The Origin​ of My Obsession with Comic Books

hat’s what I did and midway down, the end piece of my sandal strap got caught on the edge of the left side of the escalator. It continuously kept tearing at my ankle each time it attempted to go up a stair. Finally when I got to the of the escalator someone who worked at the mall helped me get off the mechanical stairs and saw that my ankle was ripped entirely to shreds. … More The Origin​ of My Obsession with Comic Books