Welcome Back + New Schedule

Welcoming everyone back and announcing a new schedule. … More Welcome Back + New Schedule



Ground-breaking news related to the future of this blog inside. … More PLEASE READ


To celebrate the one-year anniversary of this blog, the Random Writing’s ” About ” page was customized to inform anyone what Random Writings is all about! … More Reminder

Two Weeks ago…

last week no new content was published on this blog. I had failed to live up to the commitment I set for myself and this blog. I failed you the reader. I and so grateful for you. I sincerely and full-heartedly apologize to you. To be 100% completely honest, last week there was no content simply because I did not fell like making any. I am not making any excuses here. Zero. I do a ton of things in my life. However, I have a commitment to get new content on this blog each no matter what it takes. I am a person who owns up to their mistakes and their shortcomings. I take for responsible for failing to meet my commitment last week. There is no one or nothing to blame but myself. … More Two Weeks ago…