Life-Changing Decisions

A fictional and inspirational story.

There once was a man named Henry.

He lived in a far off land in the tropics. In a place called Manngo.

It was a cold Summer’s night on the island in Manngo. The foster parent, Henry, decided he was going to change his life forever.

He was stuck in a dead-end job working at a factory making pencil erasers. He thought It was the most pointless job in the galaxy.

He want to do more with his life. For all he knew, he could die the next day.

He was laying in his queen-sized bed wearing his boxer shorts and blank company t-shirt he got for free. At this moment, Henry decided he was going to pursue his dream of becoming a fine-art distributor for the local art museum.

Henry had always wanted to do this since he was a kid living in a straw hut with his family of eight.

Henry stopped pursuing his dream because when he told people his passion and what he wanted to do with his life, they laughed in his face.

Full-on belly laughs and people pointing at him became a daily part of Henry’s life.

He gave up on his dream decades ago.

He knew if he was going to accomplish his dream, it was going to be rough. The local art museum, Casa de Hudson, was one of the most famous art museums in all of Manngo.

This did not stop Henry from fully committing to his dream.

The mid-thirties, single foster parent with three kids was going to make his dream come true.

The next day, Henry went into his job at the factory and asked his boss if there was anyway he could move up in the factory. Possibly a step-up in pay from what he was currently doing as a line-worker.

The boss decided to give Henry a shot to potentially get a higher up position which opened up not too long ago.

Henry’s boss stressed the fact he was only giving him this opportunity because of the constant hard work Henry put into his job over the past 12 years.

Henry needed this promotion to finance his dream of becoming a fine-art distributor at Casa de Hudson.

He asked his boss what the job opening was for. His boss said, “ It’s a metal-shaping position. ”


The next morning after barely being able to sleep, Henry began his trial to become a metal-shaper. “ How was it going to go?, ” he thought to himself.

The trial was not something he was expecting. He thought he was going to be given a list of the vague questions to answer. The type normally asked in job interviews that somehow related to the job one is applying for.

The trial was actually bending and shaping metal.

“ This is intense, ” Henry thought to himself.

The task he had to do was in front of him. In this moment, he questioned if his dream meant this much to him. If he was not careful, he could die.

Thankfully, Henry had taken an elective in college about metal manipulation. A course he thoroughly enjoyed and learned from.

Henry seriously thought on this question until his boss told him it was his turn to handle the molten metal.

It was at this point Henry realized no one was going to accomplish his dreams for him. He knew there would be.plenty of people along the way to help him in his journey. However, no one was going to do the work for him.

He was standing in his own way.

Henry decided his dream was worth it. He got out of his own way and went through with the trial. Two weeks later found out he had gotten the job.

He was so excited! His kids were even more happy for him. Something he did not think was imaginable.

Henry took one of the first steps to achieving his lifelong dream. However, he knew this was just the beginning. He did not know what the future held for him or if he would even survive to see tomorrow.

Henry was determined to make his dreams a reality. He was going to do nearly anything to make it happen.


Published by Random Writer on June 10, 2018, at 11:20 pm


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