Power Rangers

With the release of the new Power Rangers movie on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital ( not a sponsor ) I decided to take to the internet and showcase the Power Ranger’s uniforms throughout their history.

I will be primarily focusing on the leader, the Red Ranger, and the changes to his uniform since his inception in 1993.

Red Ranger’s costume in 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, was the first of its kind.


In 1995, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers got their first movie. Along with the debut on the big screen came new uniform for the Red Ranger.


After the movie, came Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ninjetti. Season three of the TV show aired in 1995 and 1996. It made the TV resemble the movie. With that came a new uniform for the Red Ranger.



Next up came Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers in 1996. These new rangers come in at the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, season three. The are forced to fight the evil Rita Replusa after the Earth team into children. This all true by the way.


1996 continued to be a breakout year for the rangers of power as the got a new series, Power Rangers Zeo. A direct continuation of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Zeo lasted one season.

Throughout 1997, the Ranger got a new TV series ( Power Rangers Turbo ) and a Second movie ( Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie).

In 1998 the Power Rangers went to Space. This was the first break from the original storyline the Rangers had been following since 1993. This series featured a completely new cast of Rangers. Here is the red one.

In 1999 white become the primary color for the chest piece on each Rangers uniform, especially, the Red Ranger. This happened in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


The Power Rangers kick off a new century with a new show and new uniforms. ( Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue ).


In the year 2001, the time-space continuum would never be the same again with these new uniforms. ( Power Rangers Time Force )

A new year, a new furious Red Ranger. ( Power Rangers Wild Force )


The silent groundbreakers of Power Rangers Ninja Storm use the elements to take down their foes. This series was the first to feature two red rangers, a Crimson and classic Red Ranger.


The next Red Ranger went prehistoric with a new take on the Dino theme. ( Power Rangers Dino Thunder )

The Power Rangers of 2005 were the law because they were actually police. ( Power Rangers S.P.D. )


In 2006, the Rangers of Power went from cops to mystical crime fighters! ( Power Rangers Mystic Force )


The automobile inspired uniforms will get this operation into overdrive. ( Power Rangers Operation Overdrive )

Power Rangers Jungle Fury from 2008

With the past two series as inspiration. The Power Rangers’ uniforms became a car-animal hybrid. Each ranger possessed the powers of their car and animal, respectively.  ( Power Ranger RPM )



A year would go by with no Power Rangers for the first time in their history. this happened because one of the original creators bought the right back from Disney. Power Rangers Samurai / Super Samurai was series to gain a second season since the original Mighty Morphin series 15 years before.


These Power Rangers again were hybrids of car and animal. However, their uniforms were based on angels due o the Japanese version of the series. ( Power Rangers Megaforce )

Similar to Super Samurai, Power Rangers Super Megaforce was a continuation of the Megaforce series. They costumed shifted from angel inspired to pirate inspired. Fun fact: these rangers could morph into any impervious Power Rangers team.


The biggest Power Rangers team in history was comprised of 10 rangers. Throughout 2015 and 2016, the Power Rangers had a core team of 10. Once again calling back to their ” dino roots ” in Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Super Dino Charge.



Power Rangers Ninja Steel is currently airing on television and has separate narrative from the major motion picture.


And of course the latest and greatest in Power Ranger Uniform technology. ( Power Rangers )



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And there you have it! Every uniform from Mighty Morphin to the uniform form the latest Power Rangers movie. I hope you enjoyed this trip through history!

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