Rain – Funny but True

Aaah, rain.  The wet substance which falls from the sky.  Sometimes it can seem to just be there to annoy you.  You want to go outside and play, or feel depressed by what you see outside.

How rain forms is not a mystery to the majority of us. We all learned about the water cycle.

Just in case you forgot

You probably know the same amount of water has been on the Earth for its entire existence.  However, this fact did not resonate with me until fairly recently when I was in my bed listening to the sound of rain and thunder.

The very rain that fell recently was around when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  The same water existed when man discovered fire.

I listened to the same falling droplets of water as every capable living organism has before me.  In a way, this was a shocking discovery, which soon turned to fascination.

Each body of water you have seen is the same water as your favorite celebrity as seen. It is no different.  You are possibly in the presence of the same water as the founders of your country.

It is another common bond all human beings share. We have all experienced this wet mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.  Think about it.

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Published by Random Writer on May 27, 2017, at 10:16 pm


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