The Indian and the Cowboy – A Short Story

     There once was a little girl named, Annie. She was only 7 years old. Growing up scenic Virginia, Annie loved to play in the woods and skip around in the fields.

She and her big brother, Dylan, would play Cowboys and Indians all the time. It was they favorite game.

One day Annie was the indian and Dylan was the cowboy. They made believe that a giant army of soldiers was coming to take over their homeland.

They decided to put their differences aside and fight for their village.

Annie picked up a large, curved branch off the ground. She imagined it was a crossbow.

Dylan ran home to gather the brush from the dustpan and imagined it was his lucky 1800s pistol.

When the two were all set to defend their town. Backup suddenly arrived. All the men, women, and children regardless of their race or background, bonded over their common goal.

Each one dawned war paint by crushing berries on their faces. With everyone armed and ready they patiently waited for the arrival of the soldiers.

Hours seemed like days as everyone held their position. The creaking of the trees under the wind was the only sound they heard in their village deep in the woods.

When they all became tired and decided to go back to their homes. The villagers choose their indian and cowboy to keep watch.

The night passed with the cool, icy wind. Morning came and so did the soldiers.

When Dylan, the cowboy, heard the flute from miles away in the silence of dawn, he woke his indian friend, Annie.

They woke the others and soon every village filed around their homeland. When the soldiers finally came on horseback, they stopped and stared.

They were frightened by the determination and willingness in the eyes of their opponents. The soldiers turned around amidst arrows, rocks, and bullets flying over their heads. No one was killed or injured.

Annie and Dylan lead their village to victory. This was their favorite memory together.

They did not talk about it much. They knew in their hearts it was pure, childhood fun. The fun they wanted their cousins to have now that

They did not talk about it much. They knew in their hearts it was pure, childhood fun. The fun they wanted their cousins to have now that they are 63 years old.


Published by Random Writer on April 8, 2017, at 11:42 PM


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