Never Give Up

Hello and welcome to Random Writings!!  I am the author, Random Writer!

I am writing this short intro this week to tell you, the reader, I am trying something new this week.

You are still going to get the next edition of Short yet Impact later in this post.  The only difference is, I am going to incorporate some videos to help better illustrate the point.

Here we go… enjoy.

Never give up is such a cliche phrase.  It means something to some people, to others it is becoming ad nauseum.

In this day and age never giving up on what you believe in is important.

It is incredibly hard to understate that.

Your goals, dreams, beliefs, and aspirations are not dictated by your surroundings.  You can rise up and chase your dream.

It is going to be tough. You will have many proverbial barriers in your path.  However, It is with a never give up spirit; a never say die attitude, you will overcome.

If you choose to make excuses, that is your decision.  You can give up on your dreams and goals.  Say they are not realistic.  They are impossible to achieve. You can say you are a victim of your surrounds.

There are millions of excuses you could make.  These excuses will not help you better yourself.  Excuses only put higher barriers in front of your goal.

You still have to knock down those barriers to attain what you once thought was unattainable.  Through hard work, perseverance, and a never give up spirit, you can achieve anything you set your mind too.

Here is a link to the first video that will tie into the second video.

The second video is a bit longer.  It is worth it.  Its effects are still felt today.

Thank you and keep dreaming. Never give up. Don’t ever give up.


Published by Random Writer on January 21, 2017, at 2:59 pm


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