Christmas is a time…

     Christmas is a time of year to spend with family and friends.

     It is a time to celebrate everything you are blessed with.

Beyond the presents, the toys, ham, and fruitcake, lays something more.

The true meaning of Christmas, the spirit of joy.

Christmas is not about the presents, food, Santa Claus, or evening spending time with family.

Although those aspects are important, they make up a small, earthly part.

Christmas is the day Christ was born.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

     It is one of the few holidays celebrated across the world on the same calendar day.

December 25th is not a time for stress, anxiety, or present-giving, it is celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

     The joy that our Savior was born.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours.


     From Random Writer of RandomWritings2016.


Published by Random Writer on December 24, 2016, at 4: 00 pm



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