Trust Issues

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Now… to the blog post this week. It is a fictional story based on true events in my life. It explores how details can be written when you sight is taken away. Enjoy.


I have to admit, when I found out Ty was going to be leading me around while I was blindfolded it, it did not seem like a very fun Idea. I did not fully trust Ty at the time, I thought he was going to have me run into stuff. I was definitely apprehensive about him being my eyes and depending on him for directions. I did not know him that well.

     I was very thankful that Rob was there. Even though, I only knew him less than I knew Ty so I felt more calm with him around. He was like a safety blanket. I can remember my first steps out of the starting room which was the most nerve-racking part of this whole experience.

     When we got outside, to my surprise there was a cool, crisp, atmosphere. It had just finished raining that morning so the rain combined with the smell of nature was sensational.

     The morning dew on the lush green blades of grass, the pavement and in the atmosphere; it was all refreshing. Since seeing with my eyes was no longer an option, I started to smell with my nose. This became my dominant sense in terms of surveying my surroundings. This sensational smell only lasted a few seconds after I stepped outside the building.

     I did not know where I was going and all of a sudden my surroundings changed. Clean, fresh, moist, circulating air replaced the dry, bland air of the common area outside the theater. The air inside the had been inhaled and exhaled so many times that it had lost its scent, it had also lost all of its flavor.

     As we kept walking, I was still walking normally but my grip on Ty’s hand became tighter and tighter. Till one point he screamed out in pain to let go of my hand because it hurt. I remember Rob saying “ yeah, I can see your knuckles are turning white ”.

     Now, I was not trying to hurt the man. Ty was my guide and I was not going to lose track of him in a place I was somewhat familiar with seeing. When I was blindfolded I felt like a lost sheep looking for its herd not knowing where to go or where to look. That is why my hand was gripping his like a vice on a piece of metal. The only way I could securely know where I was going was to keep my hand interlocked with Ty’s.

     Eventually, I had to switch to Rob’s hand. The hand of a powerlifter and farmer was significantly different from Ty’s bowling hand. It had a lot more flesh to it and it was small in length, big bulky in width. Also, the outer skin had a roughness to it. Not like sandpaper, but sort of like a very coarse dry paper towel that had been sitting out in the sun for a few hours.

     It was a lot easier to hold on to than Ty’s. I would describe it as Rob’s hand was the part of the lock with all the mechanical moving parts in it. My hand was the semicircle metal bar that goes on top. That can be twisted or easier removed when the right combination or key is entered into the bottom of the lock.

     After the two switched jobs, I lead down to the first stop. It felt like rubber or plastic under my feet. The wind was blowing at me. Trying to figure out what this weird surface under my feet was. “ It could not be the multi-sport court outside “, I thought to myself. I had gone to the court before and it was a lot more worn down than what was under my feet. It felt like it had barely been played on. When I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I realized I was standing on the multi-sport court. They had just changed the surface that the outdoor multi-sport court was made out of.

     Then, I went on to this grainy area that I almost instantly knew was sand which meant it was the beach volleyball court. It was one of the few things I could visualize while walking blindfolded.

     We got to the final spot for me to figure out what it was and I honestly had no clue. Ty tried to give me hints. When it was revealed to me that I was at the tennis courts, I could not believe it.  

     I have many theories regarding how I did not know how I got there and why I did not know what it was. There are too many to list here, though. Some seem plausible, some seem out there.

Published by Random Writer on November 5, 2016, at 5:00 pm


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