The Trip of My Life ( part one )

Hello, and welcome to Random Writings! I am the author, Random Writer! I hope you are having a swell day. I decided to bring back a series that this very blog was founded upon. A series that has not continued since was in its infancy. It is, Fiction based on Non-Fiction, The Adventures of Marty ” The Smarty ” Winder!

Now, if you do not know what I am talking about. Here is a little refresher on what this series is about.

The series that is fiction based on non-fiction is really going to be the foundation of this blog. What this endeavor essentially boils down to is a chronicle of my life. Stuff that I have accomplished recently, events that have occurred in my lifetime, anything that I have experienced over my time so far on this Earth. However, I thought simply just telling the story of cool events in my life would be boring. For both the reader and myself. Then I thought of the twist that I put could on it. I could do the whole blog about my life but, I could make up the characters that I could tell it through. I could construct this whole world filled with characters, places, and events. I could basically tell the story of my life but through a different and unique lens.

Thus the Adventures of Marty ” The Smarty ” Winder were born. So without further a-due. Lets jump right into ” The Trip of My Life ( part one ) “!!!


Last year, I went on the greatest trip of my life. It was the 8th-grade field trip with the rest of my class. We went to Philadelphia and New York City. It was the first time I had every gone on outside of my home state on a trip without my parents.

Leading up to the trip, My friend, Billy asked if I wanted to be one of his roommates. I said no because I knew how quirky he could be. Sometimes he could even get a bit wild. A few weeks later, my best friend, Nick MacKeger asked,

“Do you want to room with me”?

“Yes, I would like to room with you,” I said.

When Billy found this out he was very upset. Turns out that Billy was one of Nick’s other roommates. Billy said,

“When I asked you to be my roommates you said no”.

Nick asked if this was true and I said,

“yeah, kinda. It is true”.

We did not know what to do. Eventually, the fourth and final roommate, Kyle Kodz came up with a solution.

“Marty, why don’t you just apologize to Billy”?

“Yeah!” Billy said.

“That sounds like a pretty good idea to me,” said Nick.

So I apologized to Billy and all was well. I was going to room with Nick, Billy, and Kyle.

Everyone going on the trip had to get up super earlier to make it to the buses that would take us everywhere we needed to go. They were not school buses. These were Luxury Liner Buses. They would be our home when we were not in a hotel. It was pitch black dark outside when the buses came. Everyone gave their parents a hug goodbye because we would not see them for over a week.

After that, we were off. I was on bus one, with my roommates for the week. It was a really exciting time. Nobody on our bus seemed to be tired. Everyone was anxious and excited to get the trip started.

After the chaperones did their count off and make sure that everyone on the bus was accounted along with their stuff. The bus started to move. We were the leader of the pack. Our bus was.

I was sitting next to my best friend, Nick MacKeger. We were sitting near the back of the bus. After a few hours both of us noticed something strange going on in the very back of the luxury bus. The popular kids were in the back and a couple of the girls wear braiding his hair. It was a weird thing to watch. I had never seen anyone braid someone’s hair before. This was foreign to me.

As time passed, the sun glaring in your faces. Most people got bored. I decided to on my peach pod. I decided to watch America’s Game, the story of 2002 NFL Buccaneers. It was a very intense episode. Full of drama  and how they become that season’s super bowl champions. It was really good.

Soon, we stopped for lunch and a bathroom break. It was nothing special, it was just nice to get off the bus.

As we got back on the road, the chaperones, noticed that we were all getting bored, so they decided to put on a movie. Above every seat was a movie screen. They put on Dance Craz 2. It was all about a dance group trying to make their way in the world of dance. There was a mean dance group that tried to stop them and dance better than them. It was entertaining and I will not spoil the ending. We listen with headphones we brought, we pulled them into our seats. there way a little spot on the arm of the chair, that had the little headphone symbol on them.

When the next movie came on, I had no interest in watching it. I tried to put my head down, it was not very comfortable, so instead, I decided to watch something else on my Peach Pod. Nick started to watch the movie, however, before the previews were finished and the movie could actually start, the bus stopped and everyone got off for a bathroom break and I change to stretch their legs. When we got back on the bus and started moving again. There were some technical difficulties with the DVD player.

By the time they fixed the video player and the movie was about to start, we stopped for dinner. The school had made plans for us to eat at this very fancy restaurant. However, there were some many of us that the menu was reduced from high-class meals to hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and salad. I choice the hamburger it was very good. It was filling along with curly fires the drink it came with.

The waiters must have been trained to carry large stacks of glasses. The glass drinkware was stack at least 15 glasses high. It was definitely fun to watch. Nick MacKeger was mesmerized by it. He could not his eyes off it.

I asked him about it and he said he was fascinating. How one  guy cloud balance so many glasses on top of one another. He could not figure out how he did it without anything falling over at all. Nick watched him for a good hour and a half. Then it was time to leave.

Everyone had finished their meals, even the chaperones. I overheard that one of the chaperones from assigned to one of the buses had a cheeseburger. I guess that they did not have a special menu. They ate the same thing as us.

We got back on the bus, only a few short miles from Philadelphia. The whole rest of the ride there, Nick was still amazed at how that guy held that many drink glasses at once. The stack was WAY over his head.

It was not long until we, finally after a day of driving and sitting in a very luxurious bus, we had made it to Philadelphia.


The next part: The time of our lives in Philadephia, My friends and I.




Published by Random Writer on August 12, 2016, at 11:53 pm



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