Five Pokémon Go Poems


Pikachu is Yellow
Squirtle is Blue
Charmeleon is Red

Which team did you choose in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is the latest and greatest thing from Nintendo.

It is simply not a fad because it has got more daily users than Twitter yo.

Walking down the street all I see is people looking down at their phone screens.

Exercise is the name of the game. Get outside and some fun because Pokémon Go has got you covered son!


Children of the 90s rejoice.
Your dreams have come true.
You can now play Pokémon in real life too, whoopee!


Pull over, please?
Why do you ask that of me?
There is a Pokéstop coming up?
So, what’s up?
I want free stuff in Pokémon Go.
Not you too! Oh no.
What’s wrong?
Why is everyone playing that game?
It is fun, man, don’t go insane.
Now can you please pull over the Pokéstop is just ahead.
Never, not for you and your dumb Pokémon friends!


I have been walking for Kilometers.
Trying to hatch this egg.

“ Oh ”

The egg is hatching, the egg is hatching!
I wonder what it is going to be?
Oh, how wonderful I got an Evie!!




Published by Random Writer on July 16, 2016, at 10:24pm




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