Random Writings is moving to Sat. !!!

Starting in two weeks, July 16, 2016, Random Writings is officially moving to Saturdays!

This means that every Saturday starting on July 16 there will be a new blog post here on Random Writings!!!

It is a lot more certain than the weekly schedule this blog was on previously. A new blog post could have been coming out any day of the week. It was basically anytime I had time to sit down and write a blog post.

Almost every one of those days since the blog when weekly back at the end of February 2016.

Here is a link to that very blog post that I will be referencing to again later in this post.


In that blog post, it states,

” The specific day of the week that that new blog post will be uploaded is not applicable. Neither is the number of posts made per week. The only expect to this rule is that there will be a minimum of one blog post made per week “.

This still mostly rings true. However, Random Writings will now have new content posted on it every Saturday. The part of that statement that is still valid is that part that states,

” The number of posts made per week [ is not applicable either ] “.

So yeah that is it. Saturday, June 16, 2016, starts a new schud for randomwritings2016.wordpress.com !!!

Published by Random Writer on July 2, 2016


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