Very BIG and IMPORTANT Announcement!!!

As the title reads, this is a very BIG and IMPORTANT announcement. As of this moment on aka Random Writings, has officially become part of the brand, Signature Voice Production!!!

You can check out Signature Voice Production by clicking here !

There is a link to this very blog on the S.V.P. website. It is under the menu tab ” BLOG “. click that menu tab and it will take you to the page with a very short description of Random Writings.The link to the website in the form of an image. The html link is embedded into the Signature Voice Production website. You can acess the Random Writngs fully on the S.V.P. website!

*** Now I want to make something perfectly clear. ***

The only thing changing about Random Writings is that it is now a part of the brand Signature Voice Production. Nothing else at this moment is changing. This still going to be the same Random Writings that has been around since the start of 2016.

The only thing that is changing is that is now a part of the brand Signature Voice Production.

Please check out the brand, Signature Voice Production, by checking out their website:

New content will be added to the website regularly.

Thanks and have a stupendous rest of your day!

Published by Random Writer on June 25, 2016 at 11:50 pm




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