the Humble Parking Spot

The humble parking spot. Not too many people think of it when the park their car to go to the mall, the supermarket, a store, or anything else. The parking spot comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be simple a spot next to any curb. It could be two – three white lines painted on the asphalt. It can simply be an empty space in a vacant lot. Parking spaces can sometimes be few and far between. Sometimes they can be frustrating to find. However, have you ever stop to think about who was in the parking space before you.

100s upon 100s, maybe even 1,000s upon 1,000s of people that have parked either their car or someone else’s in the very same spot you once did. No matter where that is, that exact same parking spot you found yourself in had seen a lot of people come over it. From, moms, to dads, families, kids, businessmen, store owners, law enforcers, single men and women, teenagers, first times drivers, and people that have driven for the majority of their lifetime.

It has seen grandparents, widows, hearses, painters, carpenters, priests, rabbis, construction workers, store employees, and neighbors just to name a few.

Not only has the humble parking spot seen all of these people and more. It has more than likely seen a celebrity or two. Whether it is a local one, a person that everyone knows around town. A regional celeb, or a national one. There is indeed a chance that Tom Cruise could have parked in the same parking spot you did. Other international celebrities could have also parked in that same parking spot you were recently or not so recently in.

The truth is, you will probably never fully know who parked in the space before you. However, next time, stop and think about the people from numerous different cultural backgrounds, religions, social classes, sexual preferences, and races that have parked there before you.

It is a common thread that all of us, humans share. It may seem insignificant, but in this time period, there is major controversies and change. Though in this ever-changing and history-making time, we can take solace in the common thread that we all share. No matter our identity, what we believe in, or what we are doing.

Many of us have shared that same parking spot at some time or another. Without even thinking about this amazing feat. The stories that a humble parking spot or spots could tell are quite extraordinary. Just think about it.

Thank you for reading and witnessing this second edition of ” Funny but True “, the Humble Parking Spot.

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Published by Random Writer on June 11, 2016


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