I am, a short story

This Super short story is based on a certain possession of Gregor’s in the short story, Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. I highly suggest you read it. It is a spectacular piece of literature. I will tell you the premise of the story so you can better understand mine. A man named Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning and discovered that he has somehow become a giant bug. Nothing else in the world has changed. He has no idea what to do. Later, you find out that it is nearly impossible for Gregor to communicate with his family. Wildness insurers and you will have to read the rest of Franz Kafka’s, Metamorphosis, to find out the heart-wrenching details.

Now that you have a little bit of background on the short story, Metamorphosis, you can much better understand my story which is based on a certain object in Gregor’s room.

I have been with Gregor since the very beginning. Even before he was a bug I was there for him. I have supported him even when no one else has. I have provided comfort for him. I am his security blanket. I am only who has sees his as a person, not a source of income. I have watched him grow. I am always close by. I have been his rock through this whole transformation. I am the one he would come running home to. I am his link between worlds. I remind him of his past human life. I am the one few things that he can’t live without. I am his salvation. I am his savior. I am his knight in shining armor. I am the only one who doesn’t judge him. I am the only one who understands him. We survive together. We are inseparable. I aid him and he aids me. He gives me purpose in life. I am his shelter. I am his safe haven. I am his oasis in the desert. I am his beacon of hope. I am the one constant in his life. I am the wood that protects him. I am the fabric who loves him. I am the stuffing that cares for him. I am…

Comment below what you think ” I am ” is!

Published by Random Writer on May 28, 2016


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