The Home Regular Season That Was

Against Warriors on 4/13:

Opening Day at Gibson Field for Bulldogs. They faced Warriors. Powers pitched a complete game shutout while Right Fielder Hamrock and Second Baseman Sayed were instrumental in keeping the Warriors to five total hits. The Bulldogs won 13-0.

Against Blue Devils on 4/19:

The Bulldogs faced the Blue Devils on Tuesday, April 19th. After a hard-fought game, the Bulldogs came out on top by a score of 5-3. Jerrier pitched a complete game. It was a wild one from Gibson Field.

Against Eagles on 4/29:

In the first home game after April Vacation, #19, Peccia took the mound to face the Eagles. On a brisk, windy day at Gibson Field. The lead changed hands back and forth multiple times during the course of the beginning of the game. Peccia’s pitching and great teamwork by the Bulldogs ultimately lead them to a 5-3 win over the Eagles.

VS Tigers on 5/6:

The Bulldogs went into this game undefeated at home. Unfortunately their record did not stay that way. After an 8-2 loss, the Tigers handed the Bulldogs their first home loss of the season.

VS Blue Bombardiers on 5/10:

The game that was postponed eight days ago. It took place at Gibson Filed in beautiful sunny weather. #1, Sayed was the starting pitcher for the Bulldogs. It was the first time in the season that Sayed pitched a home game.

It was a very close game throughout. This game showcased a classic pitchers’ duel. Until late in the game, the Blue Bombardiers pulled ahead. Sayed’s complete game would not be enough as the Blue Bombardiers eventually won the game.

VS OA Tigers 5/11:

Bulldogs win and stop a 2 game losing streak. #9, Jerrier pitched a complete game and strike out eight Tigers.

Against Scarlet Hawks 5/16:

#34, Doyle took to the mound against the Scarlet Hawks. His first since coming back from a leg injury. The Bulldogs fought tooth and nail with the Scarlet Hawks. To no avail, the Bulldogs lost 14-6.

The game was a lot closer than the score depicts. The lead change hands multiple times. There were two home runs. The first by Scarlet Hawks’ Ireland hit a home run deep into right field. It must have almost 335 feet ( the RF fence is at 324 feet ). Then, the Bulldogs Peccia hit a 2 run home run in the exact same spot almost 335 feet from home plate.

The last home run I witnessed at Gibson Field before was the one Powers hit down the left field line in the game against the Eagles nearly a month ago. That ball went around 326 feet.

The game wasn’t out of hand until the top of the 6 inning (there are only 7 innings in high school baseball ). When the Scarlet Hawks scores 7 runs in one inning. The score went from a 6-6 tie to 13-6.

The final score was 14-6. Doyle was taken out at the start of the 3rd inning.
Against Black Knights 5/18:

The fierce rival between the Bulldogs and the Black Knights continued today on the baseball diamond. The Bulldogs fought valiantly but lost 8-5.

Against Skippers 5/20:

On Senior Night at Gibson Field, 11 out of the 16 Bulldogs we getting ready to play their final regular season home game. Their opponent, the Skippers. This game saw the return of #14 Powers.

Through the first five innings of this game neither team was able to figure out the opposing pitcher.

However, with one swing of the bat, #3 Splendid Fielder, the senior Hamrock started the only rally of the game with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning. This lead to the Bulldogs scoring seven runs.

Senior Powers performance was nothing short of incredible. Powers throw only five first-pitch balls to the 23 Skippers hitters he faced. A feat incredible in its own right.

In the end, the Bulldogs beat the Skippers by a score of 7-0.


Credit to CHS Spectrum for editing the summaries from the:Eagles, Tigers, and Blue Bombardiers games.

Published on May 21, 2016, by Random Writer


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