The Hotel

Once there was a hotel. It was a gorgeous piece of architecture standing 120 feet tall. It had wide pink shingles where is bright as a flamingo. The of color dark brown sprinkled sparingly on the outside of the building. Each window was its own unique shape. There was an octagon, a decagon, a hexagon and a triangle too.

There were people from all walks of life came in and out. They raved about how wonderful of a time they had.

The Bellhops who worked there always seemed to be bringing in cart after cart of luggage so people could stay at this hotel.

The inside was just as magnificent as it was on the outside. Fine art covered the walls. You name it was there. Paintings, tapestries, pictures, and portraits. These were just a few pieces on the first few floors.

The open-concept hotel always seemed to be busy. With its wide purple rug that covered the floor. No one knew but the contractors about the stained hardwood floor that lied underneath the worn shag carpet.

The hotel housed 300 rooms. Even different from all the rest. The hotel was one of a kind. Its elevators laced with chartreuse paint. The rest of the elevators were covered in this noise-canceling material. No one knew what it was called. It made for a nice and quiet ride.

The food there was exquisite. Much more than you would expect from a simple lunch bar. The food was continuously heated underneath a large metal bin. There were some many of these. They contained delicacies one could not imagine and comfort food that was fantastic.

Then something happened, the owners went bankrupt and the hotel was abandoned. They never explained why. With the building now abandoned, there was a decision to be made. Should the hotel be torn down and replace with something new or should it remain because of beautiful landmark that it had become? The decision that was made to keep the hotel standing. It was a beautiful landmark after all. Upkeep was supposed to be done on the gorgeous hotel, however, sadly that did not happen.

Now ten years later the once flamingos pink and brown hotel with all types of fine art in it as well. It was run-down and cover with ivy that covered half the hotel. Each of the uniquely shaped windows was either completely broken or shattered. The pain and the exterior of the hotel turned to an awful gray hue. The brown paint that was sparingly used had almost entirely faded away.

The inside was in ruins, there is no other way to describe it. The interior of the 120-foot hotel was completely unrecognizable. Each piece of fine art looked terrible in every single way.

Then a group of four kids came to the hotel’s front door. One was wearing a nice dress shirt and dress pants, another one was wearing a white t-shirt and black sweatpants. The third kid in the group could not stop thinking of new ideas to create. She thought a lot. The last kid in the group was sporting a gorgeous of flamingo pink and brown headphones. They were extremely stylish.

The one who thinks a lot was the leader of the group. She took charge. So she was the one who opened up the front door to the hotel well the others cowered in fear.

After she opened the door they all filed inside. The wide, tall, wooden door emphatically shut behind them.

At first, they were all very scared. They were on their own in a hotel that no one had been for nearly ten years. Soon enough they all built up the courage to explore the once beautiful and forgotten landscape that the hotel provided.

They spent hours exploring until they all came to another wide, tall, wooden door. This one was different, though. Unlike the door they used to enter, this door had huge metal locks on it. This wood was stained in a professional way. It was so old; The metal locks were rusting away. The door had faded to an ugly gray hue. It was unlike the one on the outside of the hotel.

The kids looked at each other. Finally after a while, the one who thinks a lot said, “ Should we open it ”?

The others looked at her in a bizarre sort of way. They did not know what to think. The one who thinks a lot shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well I asked, I’m just going to have to open it then”. As she started to moved closer to the door to open it. Suddenly, a large wind passed them by. It left them all frozen in fear. Then out of nowhere appeared a mischievous man. He asked a menacing tone, “ Who goes there ” ?There was no answer. The kids were still all frozen in fear.

Then, the mischievous man said, “ Whoever you are, whether there is one or ten of you. You should go now. Leave this vile place well you still can. This is no place for anyone. I command that you must leave at once ”.

One of the kids said,

“ Okay ”.

However, they were held back by the others who said simultaneously, “ No ”!

They were certainly not leaving after coming this far.

The mischievous man then said,

“ So there is four of you. I am commanding you four for the last time, leave this vile place now. It is no place for anyone ”.

The third kids who did not want to leave once again simultaneously said,

“ No ”!

The one kid who did not want to stay had his mouth covered by one of the hands of the other kids.

“ Very well then “.

Said the mischievous man. He threw a rusty, old dagger into a pile on the far side from where the kids were standing. The could the concrete crumbled around the dagger as it entered the pillar. After this, the mischievous man was gone.

It was then, after a long period of silence and fear that the one who thinks a lot said, “ Now after, I was so rudely interrupted. I going to open this door ”.

She grasped the old but smooth stone handle on the wide, tall, wooden door. Turned it downward and opened the door. She said to the rest of the group of kids, “ Come let’s go ”!

The other kids were skeptical but eventually won over by her enthusiasm and they all entered the mystical door where on the other side, wonders awaited.

Published on May 14, 2016, by Random Writer


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