The Review Without Fear

  Daredevil issues 7 – 18 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. Approximately 23 pages per issue (minor spoilers). Published by Marvel Comics headquartered in New York City. Each issue costs $3.99. Each of the trade paperbacks ranges about from $13.00 – $16.00. 

This collection of issues took its reader on an emotion-filled roller coaster. Every two issues there was a new story arc. The majority of these stories center around one of the three motifs: family, friends, or loneliness. The first story was about family. It was a lifetime in the making for Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock. The second story was also family, however, it took a completely different perspective. This time, the story was about the desire that one of Daredevil’s oldest foes has for a family. That same story also featured loneliness for the same purple villain and Daredevil himself. The next story was all about friends. An ex-foe of the “Man Without Fear” was furious that someone stole his whole identity. The former scoundrel, “The Stuntmaster” wanted to sue the company who stole his identity. They had a new “Stuntmaster” perform death-defying stunts to create publicity. These two-issue stories continued until the last issue of the series.

    The last issue was the cumulation of the single overarching story. In the “Funky” city of San Francisco, where everything in these issues took place, Matt Murdock met the well-off father of his girlfriend, Kirsten McDuffie. As Matt, Mr. McDuffie, and Kirsten were talking, Mr. McDuffie asked Matt if he would write an autobiography. There would be an eight million dollar advance. This came after, Matt Murdock revealed to the world that he is Daredevil. Mr. McDuffie said that the entire world wanted to meet him and get to know him. Matt weighed the pros and cons of this offer up until; the final issue.

   I, honestly, really liked this compilation of issues. I thought that the stories were paced well. The fact that Mark Waid and Chris Samnee called themselves storytellers and not writers really said something about their passion for telling stories. It really showed throughout the issues. The only major problem that I saw with these issues was that they can be a bit repetitive. Every two issues there was a new story with the same foundation. Daredevil thought about the book offer. An old foe of his showed up. Their final battle ended in fisticuffs. Daredevil won. Then, Matt and Kristen share some romantic moment. Whether it was a kiss or an embrace of each other’s hand, or something else. All the stories were very good, do not get me wrong. However, repetitiveness was the only major problem. I would definitely recommend this collection of issues to anyone who was / is a fan of the character, comic books, or just a good, suspenseful story. I would give this collection a 3.75 out of 5. It was very good, the characters were captivating and thrilling. The stories just got a little bit repetitive.

Published by Random Writer on April 29th, 2016


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