Twist of Fate

“Jackson, look over there! There he is”.

“You’re right Diaz. Let’s move”.

As the two intercity cops finally get a chance to stop a serial rapist that they have been tracking for years. Tragedy struck. As the two cops round a street corner, Diaz saw a glimpse their high-profile criminal sprinting down the street. As the day turned to dusk, Diaz’s gun went off.

“Bang”! Diaz just shot her own partner. Jackson froze before fell to his knees. The force of gravity propelled him face-first into the hard, lifeless concrete. He began to profusely bleed out. The serial Rapist got away. Diaz thought to run towards a pay-phone. However, she decided that she can not leave her partner of fifteen long years, alone.

“He is becoming a bloody mess,” she thought to herself.  Diaz did the only thing she could at that point in time, she cried out.

“Help! Help! Somebody, please help”!

No one answered her pleas, Diaz made a split-second decision to save her beat-cop brethren. She tried to apply as much pressure as possible to the gun wound on the upper back of her partner. Blood continued to gush out of the bullet sized hole. Jackson’s face was turning a ghostly pale. His nose grinding against the hard, rigid cement. Diaz did not want to believe what was happening.

“No, Jackson, don’t do this to me, man! Jackson, please stay with me; You’re going to be alright. Jackson? Jackson! Jackssson”!

She felt his heartbeat stop. Diaz was all alone in a cold, unforgiving world. The blood of her long-time partner was on her hands.


Hi everyone, Random Writer here. Before you click off this page and do whatever you plan to do next in your amazing life. Let me tell you about how this short story came to be. When I write creativity I tend to write on the humorous side because I like to laugh. I enjoy making people laugh. Even if I come up with a serious premise, humor always finds its way into the story. Whether it be a quirky, relatable character. Or a serious situation turned not so serious. A great example of this would be the short story I write called, Brad, a short story. I will put a link down below to the archive of that if you are interested. The point is that I want to show that I am versatile when it comes to writing. That is where “Twist of Fate” comes from. Conformation and evidence that I can write something serious and dark. It is the exact opposite of what I normally do. However, now I know that I can write in that style. I know I can because I have.

Something that it also proves is that I can tell a great story with depth in under 300 words. As you can probably tell from these tow paragraphs and my previous blog posts is that I tend to write a lot. Which is all well and good. I know now though just like being able to write a serious, dark short; I know now that I can tell a compelling story in under 300 words.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed, “Twist of Fate” and how it came it came to be in a way. Again, I put a link below to the archive of “Brad, a Short Story”. This is Random Writer signing off. Have a wonderfully fantastic rest of your day.

Posted on April 23, 2016


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