Which Would You Rather?


 Which Would You Rather?

It is the one mighty question. It has plagued mankind for years. The solitary question that is always heavily argued. It is apple phones or Android phones. Personally I preferred Android because it is more customizable, more effective technology, and simply the fact that it is not apple.

I have a little teenage sister. Picture the stereotypical teenage girl. Yeah… That is my sister. She is obsessed with apple. She begged my parents to get her the latest iPhone.

I have a little teenage sister. Picture the stereotypical teenage girl. Yeah… That is my sister. She is obsessed with apple. She begged my parents to get her the latest iPhone.

“But… Mmmmmoooom, I nnnnnneeeeedd the latest iPhone! All my friends have it! I’m going to look like such a dork if I don’t have it.”

I’m the complete opposite from my sister. So it made sense that when it came to, finally, getting a smartphone, I didn’t want one that was made by apple. I wanted one from their competitor, the better company called, Android. It just fits my personality better.

What I mean is: I really like using Google. I wanted my phone to be more customizable because I’m a creative person. I like thinking outside the box. I wanted that more well-rounded phone, that was good at just about everything.

I took a survey of 55 students at a local high school and as you can see below, the vast majority of people choose apple.

Apple v Andriod 2
37 out of 55 people said, they preferred Apple over Android.     15 out of 55 people said, they preferred Android over Apple.  2 out of 55 people said, their were undecided in their preference for either Android or Apple.
  • I grow – up with apple
  • I have never used Android. So, I’m not familiar with it.
  • Everyone has it.
  • It is more simple.
  • iTunes
  • iMessage
  • It doesn’t glitch as much.
  • More apps
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Moto X DROID Turbo 2 picCompatible with with my other apple products.
  • Find my iPhone

i think that these are some valid points. (See what “i” did there?) However, when I asked them to name pros of Android, most of them struggle to find one. Some could not think of any at all. Now before you jump on my case saying,

“That’s not fair to the people that said apple. You like Android so you were trying to persuade them”.

Relax. When someone said that they preferred Android over apple, I ask them to give me pros of fruit-themed phone. In fact, the exact question that I asked them was,

“Can you please give me pros and cons of both phones”?

So don’t get on my case. Anyway, I digress. The next part of the survey was,

“Have you heard of Motorola’s new shatterproof phone”?

After most people said no. I went on to explain what the world’s first shatterproof phone was.

The Moto X DROID Turbo 2 can be dropped from a six story building, face-down, and it will not even crack. It can also go up a lot, lot higher than that. I think that probably the best part about this phone is that… an Android company came out with the first shatterproof phone the world has ever seen. It wasn’t apple. As Mr. Ward, a participant in my survey put it,

“I see apple as more of a thing people get because everyone has it, almost a mob mentality, but I find Android to always have the more useful and effective features”.

This quote summarizes my opinion as a whole. That is the main reason that I got an Android phone as opposed to the inferior iPhone. Android has much more of a variety. It has more effective features. It does not use the logo on the back of the phone to sell products. Name brand isn’t everything. It is how effective the phone is at doing its job. Everything else is just gravy. The supporting de-tais.

This is my opinion, and i’m stickin’ to it.


This blog post is not Sponsored by Motorola in anyway. This is an opinion editorial.

Published by Random Writer on April 9, 2016



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