Brad, a Short Story, Chapter 4

Dear Diary aka Brad,

It has only been a week since I last wrote in you. I tuned in my term paper on time. I got a really good grade on it. I go to College at Cheddarston University in Cheddarston. Enough on that, I have something rrrrrrrrrreeally important to write in you. ZP and I have become BBFs 4 Life! We have so much in common. Our families, our genuine interest in each other’s lives. The culture and the ways of our planets. It is so cool! I can’t wait to come home after a long day and tell ZP all about it. I could do this before but not nnnearly on the same level as I do now. The best part, it listens and responds when I talk to it. I have never have someone do that for me before. It is amazing to have a friend like that in your life. It is something my roommates could never quite match. Speaking of my roommates, they were starting to grow suspicious of me. Afterall, I do spend the majority of my day in the dimly lit basement. I could see it on their faces. I have started to take care of Zabta. I would have before but, I didn’t know what to do. After getting to know it better and learning sooo much about it. I’m able to take care of it now. ZP’s favorite food of all time is pizza! Pizza is also my favorite food of all time! I’m serious, like how cool is that?! I have brought down a ultraviolet light so ZP can stay healthy. Now being a biochemist major, I know the dangers ultraviolet light presents to humans. So when I brought it down, I told ZP that it could only have the light on while everyone in the building was out. I told it how dangerous it was to humans. It understood.

I make sure that ZP has a clean place to live. You would be surprised how sensitive a eight-foot tall green alien is to a room being dirty. The day after ZP moved into the basement I realized that it would not have enough head room. I brought this up to it and it said,

“Zabta…Pudo… does…not…know… what… you… are… speaking… of. Zabta… Pudo…  have… plenty… of… maneuvering…room”.

Last night, when I was working late at my boring, ordinary, desk job. My three roommates were driven by their curiosity to see why I was spending some much time down in the basement. Zabta Pudo was completely unaware of this. It was busy doing stuff. So after Luke, Billy Jean, and Kim traveled down the six flights of stairs from our condo. They opened the door that lead down to the basement. ZP probably thought it was me. Though, it quickly realized it wasn’t. After hearing a set of footsteps different form my own. Zabta Pudo used an ability that even I did not know it had. It blended into the walls around him. It became transparent. When the “mystery gang” finally got down the stairs. All they saw was a bunch of empty pizza boxes, a UV light, and few other nic-nacs. They all scratched their heads, looked around a little bit more and headed up stairs. When I finally got home, they asked me about what I have been doing in the basement. Since none of them know a lot about science. I just told them it was an experiment. Then I went to the basement to see ZP. He was thrilled that I was finally home. He told me all about what happened. Every last detail.


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