Brad, a Short Story, Chapter 3

Dear Diary,

After about few weeks, I have finally got to write in you. I have been really busy as of late with school work. Being a biochemist major is so exhausting! Anyways, I have two things to tell you, three things actually. First I have to tell you about my roommates. We all get along better than I do with my family. Billy Jean is the oldest. She absolutely hates Michael Jackson.

She says, “Just because my name is also the name of a MJ song doesn’t mean I have to like him or his songs!”

Other than this Billy Jean is a really sweet woman from the South. She grew up there with her family. She has one older brother along with both parents. Now, what I’m about to say is not racist. Billy Jean is black. I not trying to be racist. That is just her skin color. She amazing women, but she can be sassy. Next there’s Luke. He is a huge Star Trek fan. His lifelong dream is to meet William Shatner, Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek. Luke is relatively short. He is only 5’8” with short brown hair and a short beard. Also, he always wears shorts not matter what the weather is. We are like besties. We love watching movies together in our decked-out geeky living room. He is an awesome dude. We get along very well. Kim always does the impossible. No matter what it is or how impossible it seems she always gets it done. She baffles me, I have know idea how she does it. Also Kim has done something that I have only dreamed of doing. She has been to a big city! She even lived in a big city for a number of years! I would describe Kim as a doer of the impossible and rugged, definitely rugged. She loves to climb mountains, go on hikes, swimming, and doesn’t mind getting dirty. She is someone a look up to. She is someone I aspire to be like. The only problem is, I don’t like any of the things she loves. So yeah.

Zabta Pudo has been adapting to it’s new surrounds, well over the past few weeks. It apparently doesn’t need to sleep. For the few first nights I would sneak down to the basement to check on it. And it is up and about doing stuff. This was shocking to me. I asked it a few days later if it needed any sleep?

I decided to stay down there and continue to talk to ZP. I asked him about his life back home on Canadia. We went on to talk for hours, I learned so much of it’s culture and ZP itself. On it’s planet there are only Gnutes which is basically a women on earth. No genders. ZP said that it’s race is called the Znotes and there are thousands of other races that inhabit the planet. It’s family was very similar to my family. I felt a very special bond between us at that moment. So, ZP went on and told me that its family kicked him out because of the way it acted. It’s family situation seemed a lot worse than mine. I felt sorry for It. Zabta told me that it had nowhere to go. It decided to sell all of its possessions and buy a rocket ship. It was going to use the ship to find a new home. However, the ship crashed landed on Earth.

ZP said,

“Now… Zabta…Pudo…have…no…way…of… ever… find…ing…a…home”.

“You have a home here with me”. I said.

Zabta smiled. It was filled with joy. I went on to tell it all about my life and my story. The customs of Earth and what humor was. It was just as shocked and fascinated about me and my world as I was about it’s. By the end of the night, we had become best friends. Sorry Luke, a girl can have two best friends right? We just have so much in common! It amazingly exciting. I figure that this probably where I should stop. I have a huge term paper to write. Doing this college thang really takes up a lot of time. Sheesh. Oh wait, there was one more thing I had to tell you. I have been thinking much like Abraham Lincoln and I do declare that four score and seven years ago. Wow, that joke sounded a lot better in my head (laughs). Anyway what I was really thinking is that I sure give you a name. Brad, I think Brad is a good name.


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