Brad, a Short Story, Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

It has been about a week since I wrote in you. I finally built up the courage to write in you again. Jeez-wis moose-man. I finally did it! Yeah me! Anyway, I’m the shyest person in the universe. Hopefully writing in you will help me become less shy. So I have to tell you about my weird family dynamic before I go into the weirdest thing that happened to me today. So when I was a young girl, I lived in a state called East Dakota. My family and I have never been super close. We never went on family vacations or had family game night or even have supper at the dinner table together. As I said before we are not a tight knit family. There’s my dad, my mom, and my half-sister Mary Kate. Mary or as I like to call her MK is a full 6.5 years old than me so the age difference is really something. She moved out of the house when she was 18. She moved to a small city called Axansas. I visited her a few times since she moved out. I moved out when I was 20. MK is really the opposite of me. She is extremely gothic, hates life, and has a ton of nose, lip, and ear piercings. She is always wearing all black. The only other color that she does wear is bold teal eyeliner that sticks out like a sore thumb. I don’t really speak to her much. Mostly because when I try to talk to her about almost anything she would just point at me and start laughing. I would run to my mom and dad, and they wouldn’t do much to help my situation. I was a very emotionally damaged kid growing up. Combine that with my shyness and that makes this extremely hard to talk about. I’m almost crying.

So back to the weirdest thing that happened to me today. I was walking though Westconsin National Park by myself yesterday, and I saw this odd looking silver dome thingy. After a few minutes of contemplating of whether or not to check it out, I decided hey, ya know what? What’s the worst that could happen? So I walked over to it, like a secret agent because I wanted to make sure nobody would see me. Once I got over to the silvery thingy, I noticed that it consisted of two halves that made up some sort of weird container. I went to touch it and as soon as I started moving towards it, a little smoke came out. The loudest buzzer/siren I’ve ever heard in my whole wacky life started blaring.

It started screaming, “Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” over and over again. At this point everyone in the park was now staring at me. I decided to slowly move back with my hands in the air. Then after some time passed, I picked up a giant stick and threw it at the container. I saw this in a movie once and it worked in that. It worked in real life too, as the silvery container thing opened up to reveal a mass of neon green and black. It stood up straight and identified itself as Zabta Pudo from the far-off distant land of Canadia. I thought it was the cooliest thing I’ve ever seen. Well everyone was running for their lives, I went up to and waved. It looked at me and said,

“You… have… freed… me. I… Zabta… Pudo… am… am… ha…ppy. Inhabitant… of… this… planet.Where… am…I”?

I told it, “You are on the planet Earth”.

It said, “Earth… How… nice. Is… there… a… place…for… me… Zabta… Pudo… to…stay”?

“Yes,” I said. “Come with me”.

This was the cooliest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m was almost bursting with excitement. When we got to the condo, somehow Zabta got in. I asked my roommates if it could stay with us. They all almost instantly said no. The jerks. I shouldn’t say that. They are good people.

ZP somehow got out of the building. When I finally got outside as well it said,

“Earthling… get… Zabta… Pudo… a… place…. to stay”?

I said, “No place to stay,” slowly so he could understand.

ZP started to walk off.

I yell to it, “Wait”!

It turned around. I explained to it that it could stay in the basement of building that I lived in. He jumped for joy and immediately did it’s wall phase thingy and went into the basement. There is nothing down there expect a super-duper old bed that someone’s relative used to sleep in when they visited. So that’s where we are now. Zabta Pudo and I in the basement. I’m writing the end of this diary entry right now. I’m so really bad at ending these things.


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