Hello and welcome to Random Writings! I am the author, Random Writer and I hope you are having a wonderfully, fantastic day. Now as you can see by the title, what I am about to tell you is extremely important.

Since February 2nd, 2016 this very blog has been dormant. That is going to change very quickly. This blog will erupt with content at least one a week. Now, what that means is, I, Random Writer, will be uploading a blog post at least once a week. The specific day of the week that that new blog post will be uploaded is not applicable. Neither is the number of posts made per week. The only expect to this rule is that there will be a minimum of one blog post made per week.

Whether that be:

  • Fiction based on Non Fiction, The Adventures of Marty “The Smarty” Winder
  • Funny but True ( I promise the debut edition of Funny but True will be coming out soon. )
  • Along with some other fun posts that make this blog site Random but somehow make sense.

So that it. That is what’s going to happen. Perseverance and constantly is key. Also, I do enjoy doing this and want to make it regularly scheduled.

Talk to you soon,

Random Writer



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