So, High School

It has been a feAuburn High school in Alabamaw weeks now since my fist day at North East High School. I have to say, I am starting to get use to this whole high school thing. It’s stressful, no doubt about that. There is a good amount of homework each night. Math is definitely my hardest subject. Thankfully my teacher, Mrs. Pisi is one of the best math teachers I have ever had.

I have always struggled with math. I am more of a History and English type of person. Ms. Leesie is really making Algebra 1 a lot easier. Although, she keeps telling me to come after school for some extra help. She said that she can help me with my math homework or when I don’t understand something we went over in class. I do not know what this “staying after school” thing she is talking about. The only time I have stayed after school is for the first meeting of the comic book club.

Last week, I went to my first ever Comic Book Club meeting. It was definitely fun. I really enjoyed it. I meet a lot of cool Seniors. I can’t believe that I have become friends with Seniors. It was amazing.

First, I walked into this wide open classroom that had been paint a bright yellow. The paint color was not over bearing though. It was just the right shade to made sure it wasn’t over whelming. The next thing I saw was the teacher sitting at his desk. There was a huge window behind him that must have taken up half of the first half of the wall. The teacher who was sitting at his desk was also the overseer of the entire club. When we started we all took a quiz to see how much comic book knowledge we had. The test was not serious at all. It was just to determine who got what prize on the table. I wanted the Incredible Hulk DVD set. It had multiple animated movies on it! I had never seen any of them before. The cover that was on this green box that had the Incredible Hulk pounding on his chest in his classic purple cut-off shorts. It looked well… incredible.

When I got the half-sheet of paper with the questions on it. I was able to answer most of the questions, however for some reason or another, I couldn’t remember what Wolverine’s real name was.

“Was it Herm”?


“Was it Ken”?

“No, that’s not it”.

“Was it Daniel”?

“I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s Daniel. I’m like 78% sure it’s not Daniel. I going to put down Daniel though because I want to fill in the answer to the question. Maybe, I will get lucky”.

These where the thoughts running through my head when trying to figure out Wolverine’s real name. Unfortunately, Daniel was not Wolverine’s real name. It was Logan. I was so disappointed in myself. How could I forgot was Wolverine’s real name was? It was obvious to me after the quiz. I was in third place when the scores were all tallied up. I got third place. Even though I messed up. I was so excited that I would get what I wanted. That the DVD set of the Incredible Hulk animated movies. That green box was almost mine. I knew that I had a chance in getting.

After the Senior went up to get his first place prize. The Incredible Hulk on the table.

“Yes” I thought to myself.

Then the second place winner went up get his prize.

It was the best prize om the table. The Incredible Hulk  DVD set. The one with the Hulk pounding on his chest. The green box could not be mine. I was crushed at the fact that my prize, the one I really wanted was gone. I was really upset.

When it was my turn to pick out my prize, I picked this stupid Thor  magnet. It was the only good thing left. It was a picture of Thor  swinging his mighty hammer. As, he stood ready to throw it. The bright colors of him popped off the white background. Making the picture almost come to life. Under the picture of Thor was the word “Thor”  in bright, red and yellow, bubble letters. They added to a great picture. I still didn’t like it though.

After picking this, and everyone else picked their prizes. I showed how upset I was. With anger I said,

“But, I wanted the Incredible Hulk  DVDs”.

Then everyone started talking. At a low voice. Then I said again,

“I wanted those Incredible Hulk  DVDs”.

Then Everyone looked at the second place winner. He stopped and looked around for bit and said,

“Here, you take it”.

He handed it to me. I said,


“Here take it” He said.


“Com’on, I know you want it”.

“No, I don’t want it anymore”.

“I want the magnet”.

“No” I said.

“I don’t want the Hulk  DVDs anymore. You keep them. I’ll take the magnet”.

I should probably point out that this conversation was very causal and at this point; the overseer of the club, Mr. Davoid, started laughing in the background. After his gentle laugh stopped he said,

“He just doesn’t want it because you got it. You took it. He doesn’t want it now because you’ve had it”.

After he finish speaking in his normal tone. I thought to myself in my head,

“you know he is right”.

So I shook my head up and down.

Then about a minute later, we all walked out the door after saying,

“Bye, thanks for the toys”.

Mr. Davoid said,

“You’re welcome. Take it easy”.

That was that. The end of the first meeting of the Comic Book Club that I attended.

The rest of the stuff that has happened to me these past few weeks are was all good… ok some bad. Depends on how you look at it. These were just the highlights.


Posted on January 30, 2016.


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