First Day of High School

So there I am, stepping foot in the grand building that would be my educational home for the next four years. I was very nervous. This place was big and intimating. Freshman Oration helped a little bit. I learned that all the big, scary high schooler’s that I met (now that’s a scary word: met) aren’t that big and scary. At least the ones I met so far. There is still a whole school full of kids I don’t know.  As I am walking through the main doors to enter the building, I am awestruck.

At the entrance I’m met by a swarm of incoming high school students. I mean wall to wall, there were more people there in one place than I have ever seen before. Literally there was not a inch of the place where someone wasn’t standing. Among the chaos, I manged to push and slide my way through the crowd enough to find my friends. Rosanna Snags (who everyone calls “Smallie”), Jim Joeston, and Gerald Peterson. We all have been the best of friends since elementary school. We are all extremely shy people. That is what kinda bonded us together in the first place.

“Smallie, what homeroom are you in”?

“Gerald, I already told i’m in room #386. And stop calling me Smallie, I’m 5’2” “.

“You are short compare to the rest of us 6 footers”.

“I am in room #125. We are no where near each other”.

“It’s okay Gerald. Jimmy is in the same homeroom as me”!

“Okay, that’s nice. Hey, Marty the Smarty, what homeroom are you in”?

“Uuuuuuhh, uuuuuuuummmmmm room #2…40”.

Not to long after this I had to go down the halls that seemed to have infinite possibles to where they would end up. Luckily, I ran into one of my Chain-Links. They helped me get to my homeroom. They where super nice about it.

When I got to my home room, I saw a bunch of people I went to junior high with. They were all spread out over the room, sitting in desks. I picked a seat, sat down not exactly sure of what was going to happen.

After the homeroom teacher introduced herself, she gave us “warm welcome” and then handed out the schedules. They where printed on this bland, green piece of computer paper. As I looked down at it, I saw that it was a 7-day schedule. I was thrilled that it takes a full week to go though. I never understood why  Youngsten Junior High only did a 6 day schedule. There are 7 days in the week, I thought to myself.

After home room, I went to my first period class. It was in another building! I was shocked and my anxiety level when up. Luckily, the homeroom teacher lady, saw the look on my face and asked me if I needed any help. She told me where my class was. It felt like it took an hour to get down to my class. I had to go down a bunch of stairs and then outside of the school, cross a park lot and enter into the another building.

After a few more classes it was time for lunch. Finally I was staving, I thought to myself. I went to the cafeteria to and get in the line to buy lunch. I’m shocked at how neat and orderly the lines was. Everyone is patiently waiting in a single file line at any of the 4 food stations they want. It wasn’t until I reached the front of the line that it reminded me of a mob of people. People where going in every way imaginable.

When I got my lunch, I sat down with my friends. They were sitting at the table furthest away from everyone. After lunch, we have had to go to our next class.

Thankfully, there were only 6 class periods a day. I felt uncomfortable around all these people I don’t know so well. I can’t introduce myself to anther person ever again. It was so painful.

Finally the day was over! I got to go home! The day was not as bad as I probably make it out to be. Sure, It wasn’t great, but it could have been a lot worst.






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