Freshman Oration

Hi, My name is Marty Winder but my my friends call me “the Smarty”. I am 15 years old and I live in North East, Delaware. I am a really shy kid so that is all I am going to tell you about myself.

Earlier this year I graduated from Youngsten Junior High. This means that I am have to go to the high school. I don’t want to go there. All the high schoolers I see walking around Thompson square, they are so big and scary. I don’t want to meet them. I’m really scrawny kid and barley weight 100 lbs. They will hurt me.

After Orientation, I felt a little more at ease. Everyone seemed very welcoming and nice. They tired to give as all high fives when we entered. They where all smiling and wearing bright green shirts. We had to sit in this huge gym. The was wide open and green gym. I sat up on the these bleachers with my friends Oliver and Ned. We listen to some people talk then, we went on a tour of the school. There is so many hall ways, I don’t know how people know where they are going. They are like 8,000 floors. 5,550 classes and 8 gazillion turns. I don’t how the “chain links” toured us around the school. The chain-links are part the school’s Frisbee program. Seniors help the incoming freshman adjust to the transition to high school. It was insane to meet some of the teachers. Some of them were cool and kind and others were weird and strange.

After we finished with the tour we went into a class room to do some team building stuff. It was fun. We did ice breakers and stuff. Then one of the chain links asks if anyone was interested in joining the comic book club.  I raised my hand high and said,

“Yes, me”.

She processed to tell me information on the subject.

It was a very interesting day. I’m kinda looking forward to going to high school now.

Blog post published on 1/14/16.




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