Welcome (formally) to my blog

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd ever edition of Random Writings! I am the author, Random Writer and I am here to lay out the proposal for this blog going forward on the 9th of January, 2016.

The basic premise I have for this blog is to hopefully do two types of writing: opinion/editorial and creative writing. What I specifically want to do within the boundaries of these styles of writing are two series of sorts. One that is fiction based on non-fiction (I’ll going into more depth about that later on) and another I would like to call “Funny but True”.

The series that is fiction based on non-fiction is really going to be the foundation of this blog. What this endeavor essentially boils down to is a chronicle of my life. Stuff that I have accomplished recently, events that have occurred in my lifetime, anything that I have experienced over my time so far on this Earth.

I got this idea by sitting back in a desk chair pondering what I have accomplished in the last few months. How much I had done and how astonishing it was. I started reflecting on the importance and “cool-factor” these events had. I thought that it would be awesome to make a blog out of these events. Then I realized, how boring that would be to talk about. I am a very creative person, so the thought of writing  “I did this to today. It was awesome” and explaining what make it awesome every time seemed really boring. Then I thought of the twist that I put could on it. I could do the whole blog about my life but, I could make up the characters that I could tell it through. I could construct this whole world filled with characters, places, and events. I could basically tell the story of my life but though a different and unique lens.

This would not be an everyday thing. Just when a major event happens or when something that I define as “cool” happens or happened. This idea would allow me to keep my initial idea and fulfill my creativity simultaneously.

Now, the second part of this blog that I would like to randomly sprinkle into this blog would be the series that I like to call “Funny but True”. The idea came to me during a recent Comic Book Club meeting where we were discussion the best comic book vehicle. Of course Batman’s Bat-Mobile (in general, not a specific one) was the first to come up. I said the Mystery Machine from the Scooby-Doo franchise, as a joke… at first. Then as I started to think about it how it could actually be the best vehicle. Now, the reasons behind this will not be revealed until this blog is given the green light to speed though the streets of my mind and onto the digital pages of this very blog.

That covers the funny part. However, the other part of the title legitimatizes this idea. All supporting evidence will be researched prior to that specific blog being written. For example, the blog post about the Mystery Machine would be researched to ensure a sound argument prior to it is set onto digital paper.

So to recap the idea behind this op-ed would be to be to propose an unpopular or ridiculous claim and through supporting evidence that was well-researched, prove that once unpopular or ridiculous be true.

I have numerous other ideas for Funny but True. Some of the other ideas I have thought of are:

  • Greedo shot first
  • Why, Captain America is among one of the best superheros =
  • The wonders and glories of cheese
  • Why, HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe is one of most educational kid’s TV shows
  • Top 10 reasons to sit down and actually watch the TV show, Arrow
  • Why obscure superheros are among the most powerful of the genre
  • Why professional wrestling is a dangerous but, beautiful art form
  • Why the Ewoks from, Return of the Jedi, are actually pretty cool.
  • Why sidekicks are necessary
  • How Jar Jar Binks had more character development than Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels (episodes I-III)

In this series I will not be doing serious, real-life, issues that are going on in world. Funny but True, is only suppose to be as the title suggests.

So there you have it. The proposal for the future of the Random Writings blog!

Have a great day,

Random Writer



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