My Recent Vaction

Hi, I’m the Random Writer and this is my first blog post! yeah me!

What I did on my recent vacation was stay at home and lay on my couch and watch TV. It was pretty nice. Especially because I am a very busy person. I definitely need it. I should probably go into more detail, should I?

I started off the va-ca trying to figure out how to stop. As I said, I am a very busy person, and I mean very busy. I stay after at my occupation until after 5 sometimes 9. I get out at like 2:30. When I say occupation, I mean student. Yeah, I’m a professional student.

So it was really hard to just stop and be on vacation. I trying staying in bed or laying on the couch watch variety times of media.  After a few days of this, I got absolutely, extremely, bored. It wasn’t that I had nothing to do. I had plenty of that. It was just that I felt that I wasn’t being productive. So I starting to fill out applications for the next stage of my life. It was tiring and stressful and stuff. Why can’t it just be easier to apply to the word that begins with “c”, if you know what I mean. (See what I did there?)

When I approached the final weekend of my vacation, I realized something, I am on vacation. I shouldn’t be doing this thing of important matters no. I should on the couch catching up TV shows that  I have fell behind on. So that’s what I did.

That was my recent vacation in a nutshell. Sure, I probably leaving what I did for Christmas, New Years, or anything important like that. I don’t think that you need to know that I went to Church on Christmas or stayed up until 7 in the morning on New Day’s for reasons that I am unaware of. I guess YOLO. Did I just say “YOLO”. Well, I guess YOLO. Hypocrisy for the win. Also, I went to go see the new Star Wars movie on New Year’s eve. However, you can go to thousands upon thousands of other blogs to read about that stuff. This one is completely unique.

If there are a lot of spelling and or grammar errors in this. I guess sorry, not sorry. It’s a work in progress.

Singing off,

Random Writer


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